Filson, Unfailing Goods


Filson is an apparel brand renowned for making products of the highest quality and most durable apparel, tools and accessories available. Their reputation has created an expectation that everything they touch is thoughtfully produced and of the highest quality; a tall order. The approach had to be one that depicted the values that both Filson and their customer share. This meant it had to be a very much immersive experience. Everything had to be shot in the field. It had to feel real. It had to feel used. It had to get dirty.


Products were shot in their natural habitat. Natural light and natural settings maintain the authenticity of Filson. There is also a high emphasis on action. Rarely will there be a scene that is static.


Products are only a part of the story. Many of the photos taken didn’t depict gear or even models. It was important to establish the atmosphere through landscape and travel to tell the full story.


During my time working with Filson, we covered backcountry outfitters in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Libby Montana, Sportsman's Air Service in the Alaskan Range, wheat harvest in Eastern Washington, and more; All to reinforce their message of "unfailing goods" across all platforms, including their monthly print catalog, website, Filson Life blog and social media channels.