The Goodship, Damn Fine Edibles


The Goodship is a cannabis-infused edibles company based out of Seattle, Washington. Their mission; to “to help us find joy in the world around us. To delight us in small details and amaze us with big ideas. To give us the freedom to be ourselves and to share it with others." 


As makers of delectable goods, chocolates, and confection, the challenge was to somehow reflect their magically delicious taste and whimsical, yet sophisticated personality through all of their digital content. And it had to be cohesive and sustainable for a small team with limited resources to accomplish.


The pot industry is notorious for cheap, tacky and repetitive imagery that, in my opinion, only furthers the notion that cannabis is only for 20-30 year old "stoners". We wanted to do something different.


We wanted to steer away from marketing to the traditional "stoner” demographic the cannabis industry is already capturing so easily. We were looking at the brand long term, and wanted to create something that would resonate with the “shoulder shrugger stoners”. With doctors, teachers, bakers and makers.


We developed with a mood board that would serve as our guidelines for all photo shoots. Wes Anderson and Bon Appetite were used as key inspiration for lighting, styling and composition.